About Us


Maendeleo Endelevu Action Program (MEAP) is a Non Governmental Organization that pursues sustainable development. Its Vision focus at facilitating realization of people’s aspiration and sustainable development that meet social, cultural, economic and ecological needs.  MEAP’s Mission is to foster participatory community development through capacity building, resource mobilization, education and information.

The idea to establish MEAP started in late 2007 to catalyze community consciousness and action to enthusiastically participate in their development processes.


Goals and Objectives

Overall Goal or Aim

To improve the livelihoods of the community through access to information, technology and education


Main objectives 

  1. To offer education, information and technology access opportunities towards realization of individual and collective potential among community members.
  2. Promote health living and facilitate access to health services for realization of individual and collective potential
  3. To sensitize and educate society on environment conservation, policies and ecological management
  4. To facilitate mobilization and management of financial resources, access to credit and marketing
  5. To affiliate with national, regional and international networks to address infringing forces
  6. To enhance quality leadership and governance among members

MEAP Values

The following are MEAP’s values

1.      We work towards self and collective determination.

2.      We nurture  self esteem and actualization

3.      We promote  self and social acceptance

4.      We promote visionary leadership and guidance

5.      We work towards self confidence and motivation

6.      We cultivate a  sense of responsibility among society members

7.      Promoting integrity, transparency and accountability


MEAP Constituents

The organization serves children, youth, women, men and elderly who constitute the following groupings: Orphans, Persons with Disability (PWD), People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), women groups, youth groups, small holder farmers, pastoralists, minority and indigenous people, small traders, and the landless.


MEAP’s Field of Work

Education: is an important development tool since it enables people to unleash their full potential. The organization seeks to facilitate access to education by its constituents. The education package include formal, non formal and informal education that covers   supporting children and youth to go through formal school and adult to undertake literacy classes and life education. Other components are civic education, cultural education, entrepreneurship and apprenticeship training, skills and career training.


Information: for people to make informed decision, choices and actively participate in development processes, they require adequate and quality information. MEAP therefore sources and disseminates information on policies, rights, emerging issues and trends, markets, careers, available opportunities and services etc.


 Technology: is critical in facilitating development process through information sharing, improving returns to investments and creating jobs. Interventions are promotion of ICT services among them use of computer, cellular phones. Farming technology and appropriate technology like energy saving cook stoves etc.


Health and Recreation package:  covers HIV/AIDS, food and nutrition, drug and substance abuse, health education, health support services, sports, athletics, nature walks etc.


Environment and Land use management: focus at educating and sensitizing community on environment, biodiversity and land use management with specific emphasis on food security, forest and river ecosystem management including policy and legislation literacy.


Financial services and marketing include: Mobilization of financial resources through revolving credit fund, raising awareness on existing financing institutions and educating on financial management. Marketing package cover education on available markets, Market surveys and market information centers and organizing marketing associations


Lobbying Advocacy and Networking (LAN): there are infringing forces to community initiatives among them policies, legislations and trends. LAN package focus at undertaking  analysis of laws and policies for opportunities and gaps, lobbying and advocacy on laws and policies with a view of making them respond to community needs and aspiration as well as networking with government organs and  stakeholders for synergy building.


Institutional strengthening: for effective service delivery the organization requires institutional strengthening. The package include: building the capacity of the constituents, training and education for volunteers/staff, resource mobilization, formulation and documentation of management policies and procedures and organization publicity.


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